Instructions for Presenters

Special Posters:

Special posters will be displayed in the Pacific Ballroom Foyer. Setup is available from 12h00-17h00 on Wednesday, June 17; posters must be up by 17h00 in order to be viewable during the opening ceremonies, and authors are encouraged to be at their displays during the Presidents' Reception on Wednesday evening from 19h00-21h00 to answer any questions. Push pins and velcro will be provided on site.

Posters are required to be removed by 16h00 on Friday, June 19, to allow for poster board dismantling. The conference organizers will not assume responsibility for any poster materials remaining after this time.

Posters are to be a maximum of 44" (112 cm) wide and 44" (112 cm) tall. Landscape orientation is preferred, but not required.

Regular Posters (preliminary instructions). Note that the e-poster upload deadline is May 31 - please contact us if you will have any difficulties in meeting this deadline.

Regular posters will be displayed in an e-poster format ONLY. Only PDF files will be accepted. The display resolution will be 1920x1080 in Landscape orientation.

Authors should have received a link and a unique login and password from PSAV (our e-poster hosting company) that will allow you to upload your poster. As this is our first time using an e-poster system, we strongly request that you upload your e-posters by May 31st (midnight PDT) so that we can ensure that the system is operating smoothly. Short extensions to this deadline may be possible - if you require such an extension, please send your request to as soon as possible to discuss.


PRELIMINARY Audio Visual Guidelines for CAOS Podium Presentations



All presentations will be made by computer projection in MS Windows Power Point format. The audiovisual projection system in the presentation rooms will include a Personal Computer (PC). Due to the changes in computer configuration, we are unable to accommodate speakers' laptops. No Macintosh computers will be available.

You must pre-load your presentation in the Speaker Ready Room!

Speakers must preload their talk in the Speaker Ready Room that is available to them at the times listed below. Please preload your talk at least one hour before your presentation session is due to begin; late uploads may be impossible to accommodate. Please bring your presentation on a USB stick - internet uploads will not be available.

File Naming Convention

Please name your file as follows:

Location: Garibaldi Room, Exhibit Hall Level: Opening Hours: How long is my talk? Please ensure that your title slide includes a statement disclosing any conflicts of interest (eg, industry sponsorship) or stating that there are no disclosures. Presentation Formats Supported: Only PowerPoint presentations will be supported. The laptops used will have the following configuration:


There should be no problem with this type of presentation. Your images and fonts will be incorporated directly into the PowerPoint .ppt or .pptx file.


We recommend that you use common fonts that are available on every Windows computer (eg, Arial, Times New Roman, Tacoma, etc). If you have a strong reason to use less common fonts then we recommend you use a setting in which the fonts are embedded into the presentation (default behaviour in pptx format; use Pack-and-Go or Package for CD formats for earlier versions of PowerPoint); note that Pack-and-Go does not work with copyright-protected TrueType fonts.

If you use video, we recommend using MPEG1 format and embedding the video within your presentation. We recommend you use sound only if absolutely necessary.


After submitting your file(s), verification of your identity will be necessary to provide access to your file(s) for any subsequent viewing/edits. If you change your presentation in any way after submitting it, inform the technicians immediately. This will allow the proper version of the presentation to be stored on the server.

Access to all computer hardware will be closely supervised. Computers will be provided in the Speaker Ready Room for editing and reviewing your presentation. If a unique case arises that requires immediate access to alter a file on a meeting room computer, you must contact the on-site AV coordinator and provide identification. To ensure the security of your presentation data, editing on meeting room computers will not be available.

After each meeting session, the presentations will be deleted from the meeting room computers. On the closing day of the meeting, all presentation computers and server hardware will be reformatted and new operating systems will be installed to prevent access to files. No data archives of presentations will be kept.